About the Journal

The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries (JIDC) is an international journal, intended to publish scientific articles from Developing Countries by scientists from Developing Countries.

JIDC is an independent, online journal with an international editorial board. JIDC is open access with no cost to view or download articles and reasonable cost for publication of research articles, making JIDC readily available to scientists from resource-restricted regions.

The Journal is intended to publish original research papers, research notes and reviews covering different aspects of human, animal and environmental Microbiology, Immunology, Virology and infections in developing countries, with particular emphasis on emerging and re-emerging etiological agents, diagnosis, epidemiology and public health.

The mentoring system is at the heart of JIDC.
Sometimes submitted manuscripts need Editorial improvements that require consultation between the authors and the editorial board. JIDC has a specialised editorial staff, the Mentor Committee, to work with authors from developing countries to generate an article that meets international publication standards. This may include editing for English, reorganization of the manuscript, or even suggestions on experimental design. Working in an interactive manner, the Mentor Committee and the authors, will be able to achieve not only a manuscript at international standards but also the exchange of ideas and methods for publishing in other international journals. The JIDC Mentor Committee is unique among international journals and is intended to bridge the editorial gap for scientists in developing countries.


JIDC is indexed in Scopus and Thomson Reuters and has JCR impact factor. 2 Years Impact Factor for 2021 is 2.512