Repercussions of chronic hepatitis C treatment

  • Daniela Maria Falcão Oliveira Municipal Health Service of São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Juliano Souza Caliari Federal Institute of Southern Minas Gerais, Passos, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Ana Angélica Lima Dias Federal University of São João Del-Rei - Campus Divinópolis, Divinópolis, Brazil
  • Rosely Moralez Figueiredo Federal University of São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil
Keywords: Adherence to medication, nursing, chronic hepatitis C, perceptions


Introduction: Individuals living with hepatitis C experience a series of changes in their lives, caused by either the disease itself or its treatment or both. In this sense, living with a chronic disease such as hepatitis C implies that patients must change their lifestyles, which requires that they rethink their habits in light of the new reality. To comprehend chronic hepatitis C patients’ perceptions, meanings, and quality-of-life effects. Methodology: Qualitative research; interviews with 12 patients at a specialized outpatient clinic from February to July 2012. The cohort size was determined by theoretical saturation and the interviews were analyzed by means of content analysis. Results: Data were organized into four categories: on medication, referenced fears, impact on sexuality, and coping with the new reality. The categorized data were discussed around the following themes: “Becoming sick” due to treatment and perceived aspects and Undergoing treatment and how to cope with it. Conclusion: Patients’ everyday lives and quality of life in general are affected especially by adverse side effects of hepatitis C medication and an assortment of feelings and uncertainties about the disease prognosis. Notwithstanding, most patients manage to find ways to cope with the treatment and complete it expecting a satisfactory outcome.


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Oliveira DMF, Caliari JS, Dias AAL, Figueiredo RM (2018) Repercussions of chronic hepatitis C treatment. J Infect Dev Ctries 12:183-189. doi: 10.3855/jidc.9578
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