COVID-19 Pandemic’s precautionary measures had hit the reset button of the quality of life at different aspects


  • Huda H Alsayedahmed 1Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Department of Quality and Patient Safety, Dhahran, Eastern province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



COVID-19, Precautionary measures, Protective measures, Social distancing, Greener footprint


COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan-China during the last quarter in 2019 and caused an infectious respiratory disease pandemic. The strategy of “Attack and Defend” was attempted to mitigate COVID-19 crisis worldwide. A list of precautionary measures were set by healthcare professional experts to protect public from infection, social physical distancing measures being the most efficient. On the other hand, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established protective guidelines for healthcare workers to guarantee a healthy workplace and safe environment. The physical distancing measures have obviously reshaped the relationship between family members leading to better quality of family life. Meanwhile, travel suspension also led to slightly higher health standards with less air pollution, lower traffic induced stress levels and subsequently a greener footprint. Herein, we intend to highlight the impact of COVID-19 pandemic protective measures on family connections, as well as on environmental health. Moreover, we aimed at pointing out the effect on Saudi Arabian cultural and humanitarian behavior in dealing with the pandemic under the governance care of the custodian of the two holy mosques; King Salman Al-Saud. In fact, a combination of restrictive and protective measures is the most efficient to curb COVID-19 spread. In addition to improving the quality of social life, this pandemic revealed a healthier climate, which will certainly be visible on a large scale. Certainly, all together with solidarity we will be able to restrain COVID-19 pandemic and have a better quality of life.




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Alsayedahmed HH (2020) COVID-19 Pandemic’s precautionary measures had hit the reset button of the quality of life at different aspects. J Infect Dev Ctries 14:812–816. doi: 10.3855/jidc.12943



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